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MES Interface Module

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Along with ever-changing manufacturing trends, improving machine productivity and maintaining manufacturing quality through meticulous traceability have become a fundamental part of manufacturing. MES Interface modules address these requirements by providing direct database connectivity for IT systems and facilitating automatic SQL*1text generation using intuitive configuration setup software. Modules allow production data from the shop floor to be inserted into database records directly; for example, providing real-time production status that enables quicker response to production-related problems.

*1: Structured Query Language is a programming language designed for managing data in a relational database.


Extensive data handling from shop floor to business process systems

e-F@ctory is a solution from Mitsubishi Electric realizing leaner operations, improved yield, and efficient management of the supply chain through its direct connectivity between an IT system and the shop floor. The MES Interface enables this direct connectivity by allowing production data to be inserted into database records directly, for example.


Direct access to IT system database

Realize improved production management and reduce overall system costs through real-time direct access to IT system database servers without requiring additional programming and gateway computers.


Production data directly inserted into database

The MES Interface module allows production data to be inserted into database records directly. The transmission of data can be event-driven providing real-time production status, enabling quicker response to production-related problems. Additional features are also included such as DB buffering, which enables data to be sent even when a connection between the database server and control system is lost.


System configuration costs reduced by 65%*2

MES Interface modules enable direct connectivity between IT database servers and programmable controllers on the shop floor, eliminating the need for gateway computers or specified programs. Being much more reliable than computers, the MES Interface saves on maintenance costs typical of computers.

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*2: Assumption based on a typical control architecture.


High-speed and large-capacity data collection

Along with ever-changing manufacturing trends, improving machine productivity and maintaining manufacturing quality through meticulous traceability have become a fundamental part of manufacturing. The MES Interface module addresses these requirements with its high-performance and large-capacity data handling. These features are exceptionally useful in glass and rechargeable battery manufacturing industries.

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*3: Database communications time is based on measurement criteria set out by Mitsubishi Electric. For further details, please refer to the relevant manual for each product.
*4: Comparison of data sets that can be handled in database communication. One project may contain up to 4096 data sets for the MELSEC-Q Series, and 65536 for the MELSEC iQ-R Series.


Intuitive and easy-to-use setup software

The setup of the module can be done easily using its wizard-like configuration tool. SQL sentences can be automatically generated just be setting various parameters in the tool, without having to develop dedicated programs to enable communication with the database server.

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MES Interface module specifications

Item RD81MES96
Database connection
Supported database*5 Oracle® Database, Microsoft® SQL Server®, Microsoft® Access®, MySQL®, PostgreSQL
Database communication action field 65,536
Accessible CPU module*5 iQ-R Series (Direct, Remote), Q Series (Remote), L Series (Remote)
Data sampling interval
High speed data sampling (ms) Sequence scan time synchronization, 1…900 (up to 8K points)
General data sampling (s) 0.1…0.9, 1…3600
DB record read/write Reads/writes data in the database of the host information system
Device memory read/write Reads/writes device memory data of the CPU module
Trigger condition monitoring Monitors values of the time or device tag components etc., and starts jobs when a trigger condition changes from false to true (the condition is satisfied)
Data operation and processing Performs four arithmetic operations, obtains remainder, performs character string operation, etc.
Program execution Executes a program on the server through a MES Interface module
DB buffering Buffers the data sent to the database, and resend it after recovery, when the data cannot be linked due to the disconnection of the network between MES Interface module and the database or failure of the database etc.
REST server*6 Enables job-related operations and job information acquisition from the REST client
(Also supports the XML process function for the MELSEC-Q Series MES interface module)
*5: For details, please refer to the relevant manual (for support related to the database, please contact the relevant database software company).
*6: REST: Representational state transfer


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