QJ61CL12 CC-Link/LT network module


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CC-Link/LT network module

Device level wire-saving network

●CC-Link/LT network moduleQJ61CL12

  • The maximum of 64 stations can be updated in as little as 1.2 ms (at 2.5Mbps). Choose from 3 transmission speeds according to the required transmission distance.
  • CC-Link/LT slave stations do not require any parameters, only the transmission speed needs to be specified by the master station.
  • The QJ61CL12 CC-Link/LT network module can only function as a master station.


■ Performance Specifications

Item Specification
Communication speed 156 kbps/625 kbps/2.5 Mbps
Transmission path T-branch topology
Max. connected modules 64
Overall distance Length of trunk line 35 m/2.5 Mbps, 100 m/625 kbps,
500 m/156 kbps
Max. length drop line 4 m/2.5 Mbps, 16 m/625 kbps,
60 m/156 kbps
Overall length drop lines 15 m/2.5 Mbps, 50 m/625 kbps,
200 m/156 kbps


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