E3Z-LS61 2M Cảm biến quang Omron


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E3Z-LS61 2M

Photoelectric sensor, diffuse background suppression, 40-200mm, DC, 3-wire, NPN, 2m cable (requires bracket)

General purpose sensor in compact plastic housing

Compact housing size and high-power LED for excellent performance-size ratio and best value-performance ratio for standard applications.

  • Minimal optical axis deviation for easy alignment
  • IP67 and IP69K for highest water resistance
  • Intensive shielding for highest noise immunity (EMC)
  • Multiple molding housing for high mechanical resistance

One mounting

Ambient light immunity

It is never possible to totally control the environmental conditions on large installations such as that in material handling or logistics. Reliable sensing is key to ensuring the non-stop operation of these systems. Ambient light can cause conventional sensors to false trigger. Omron’s pulse synchronisation and light wavelength filters ensure ambient light never causes errors in detection.

EMC noise immunity

e3z emc noise immun prod

High electromagnetic noise immunity


The IP69k test according to DIN 40 050 part 9 is intended to simulate high pressure / steam cleaning. During the test 14-16 l/min water at 80ºC is sprayed onto the sensor from different angles with 8000-10000 kPa. The sensor may not suffer any damaging effects from high pressure water in appearance and functionality.


Shape Cuboid
Sensing method Background suppression
Sensing distance 200 mm
Sensing distance (min.) 20 mm
Setting method Manual adjustment
Connection method Cable
Cable length 2 m
Output type NPN
Operation mode Dark-ON, Light-ON
Response time 1 ms
Material housing PBT
Thread size Other
Width 10.8 mm
Height 31 mm
Depth 20 mm
Type of light Polarity free red light
Power supply voltage 12-24 V


E39-EL4 Accessory photoelectric sensor, mounting bracket, 3D mounting
E39-L104 Mounting bracket for E3Z sensor, standard, vertical mounting
E39-L142 Mounting Bracket, protective side wall (for E3Z)
E39-L144 Sensor mounting Bracket, Protective bracket for E3Z pre-wired
E39-L150 Sensor mounting Bracket for E3Z, 100mm high post
E39-L151 Sensor mounting Bracket, for E3Z, 200mm high post
E39-L43 Mounting bracket for E3Z sensor, side mounting
E39-L44 Mounting bracket for E3Z sensor, rear mounting
E39-L93FH Mounting bracket for E3Z, 3D telescope mounting
E39-L93FV Bracket for E3Z sensor
E39-L93XY 2 positioning rods and horizontal mounting bracket for E3Z, E3S-A, E3S-R1, E39-R1, E39-R3
E39-L96 Optional reflector bracket for photoelectric sensor



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