Cảm biến quang siêu nhỏ EE-SPX303N / SPX403N

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EE-SPX303N / SPX403N

A Wide Slot Width of 13 mm and Superior Resistance to Light Interference and Noise

• Noise resistance equivalent to photomicrosensors with built-in amplifiers.

• Resistance to common noise at least 30 times that of previous models.

• Resistance to inverter noise at least 10 times that of previous models.

• Reverse polarity protection built in.

Thông tin đặt hàng


Appearance Sensing method Sensing distance
(slot width)
Output type Output
2630_lu_1_1 Through-beam type
(with slot)
13 mm (slot width)
(Infrared light)
NPN output Dark-ON EE-SPX303N
Light-ON EE-SPX403N

Accessories (Order Separately)

Type Cable length Model
Connector Connector EE-1001
EE-1009 *
Connector with Cable 1 m EE-1006 1M
EE-1010 1M *
2 m EE-1006 2M
EE-1010 2M *
Connector with Robot Cable 1 m EE-1010-R 1M *
2 m EE-1010-R 2M *
NPN/PNP Conversion Connector 0.46 m (total length) EE-2002

Note: Refer to EE-[] Catalog for details.
* EE-1009- or EE-1010-series Connectors have a builtin locking mechanism to prevent cable disconnection when only the cable is pulled. To remove the Connector from the Sensor, grip the top and bottom of the Connector firmly and push into the Sensor once before pulling out. The locking mechanism prevents the Connector from being removed by pulling on the cable only and enables removal only when the Connector (housing) is pulled.


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