RJ61BT11 mô đun CC-Link System MELSEC iQ-R


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Mô đun CC-Link System MELSEC iQ-R

CC-Link System Module

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CC-Link is a high-speed and highly reliable deterministic I/O control network that realizes reduced wiring while offering multi-vendor compatible products.

Multiple connectivity of field devices

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*1: Remote network mode
*2: Remote device net mode

CC-Link incorporates many different field devices that can be configured into a wire-saving communications network. Using the remote device net mode, it is possible to connect up to 64 remote devices, such as analog I/O modules.


Item RJ61BT11
Transmission speed (bps) 156k/625k/2.5M/5M/10M
Network topology Bus (RS-485)
Communication cable Ver.1.10-compatible CC-Link dedicated cable
Overall distance (m) 100 (10 Mbps)…1200 (156 kbps)
Max. number of connectable modules 65 stations (master station: 1, slave station: 64)
Max. number of link points per system (CC-Link Ver.2)
Remote I/O (RX, RY) 8192 points
Remote register (RWw, RWr) 2048 points


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