Q64TCTTN mô đun điều khiển nhiệt độ 4 can K


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Mô đun điều khiển nhiệt độ 4 can K

Temperature control

PID loop control integrated temperature control modules

System configuration example

●Temperature control module Thermocouple input moduleQ64TCTTNQ64TCTTBWN

●Temperature control module Platinum RTD input moduleQ64TCRTNQ64TCRTBWN

The devices which require high stability of temperature control such as extrusion forming machines, these modules prevent overheating and overcooling. The standard control (heating or cooling) or heating-cooling control (heating and cooling) mode can be selected depending on the machine to be controlled.
In addition, the mixed control mode (combination of standard control and heating-cooling control) can be selected.

  • Peak current suppression function
    This function avoids simultaneously turning on outputs to control the peak current. It can save energy and reduce the running cost.
  • Simultaneous temperature rise function
    This function allows several loops to reach the set value at the same time to conduct uniform temperature control.
    It prevents idling and is effective in saving energy and reducing running cost.
  • Self-tuning function
    The PID constant is automatically adjusted during control.
    The automatic tuning cost (time, materials and power) can be reduced.


Number of channels Wire break detection Input
Thermocouple RTD


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