PFXGP4402WADW Màn hình cảm ứng 7 inch giá rẻ Proface

5,120,000 25%

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Màn hình cảm ứng PFXGP4402WADW Proface

HMI giá rẻ ~ Giá trị hơn nhưng tiết kiệm ~

Nếu chi phí vận hành cao mặc dù chi phí ban đầu thấp, kết quả là tổng chi phí không giảm. Nếu bạn sử dụng Dòng GP4000E, bạn có thể giảm rất nhiều các chi phí sản xuất

Mã hàng

Product Name Display Interfaces Input Voltage Details
10” WVGA
TFT color LCD
65,536 colors
– RS-232C x1

– RS-422/485 x1

– Ethernet x1

Type A x1
Type mini-B x1

DC24V Specifications
TFT color LCD
65,536 colors

Đặc tính dòng GP4000E

Expand your business

Expand your business

Pro-face has a wide range of lineups available from economical and simple HMI to high-spec HMI and IPCs which are required for high performance equipment. And all the hardware is compatible with GP-Pro EX. With GP-Pro EX available, screens can be created on all the equipment. One platform for all the equipment helps develop a new business.
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Real Cost Reduction

Real Cost Reduction

If the running cost is high even though the initial cost is low, the real cost reduction is not achieved. Using GP4000E Series allows you to reduce costs that arise at various scenes of manufacturing.

Costs taken when selecting devices/PLC

Because GP4000E Series is compatible with 97 kinds of drivers, it’s easy to select a control device. Devices you want to use or you are familiar with can be easily connected. That considerably reduces time taken for selecting a device unit.
cost reduce 01

Easy Connection

Easy Connection

GP4000E Series support connection with a wide range of industrial controllers including PLCs, motion controllers, vision sensor and other devices. A USB to RS-422/485 conversion adapter can be used to allow connection to a wide range of control equipment including temperature controllers, inverters, and PLCs.
easy to connect

Internal Logic

GP4000E Series can be connected directly to a range of devices. Also, using internal logic can reduce PLC’s CPU load.
cost reduce 01 0

Easy Screen Creation

Easy Screen Creation

GP-Pro EX has an extensive variety of functions for designing beautiful, realistic screens. Pro-face’s beautifully designed samples are produced with user-friendliness in mind and are sure to gain a solid reputation amongst worksite operators.

Reduce setup time of the HMIs

Transferring a screen to multiple units takes much more time than expected. GP4000E Series allows you to transfer the screen to them in block via Ethernet. That considerably reduces setup time of the HMI.
cost reduce 03

Easily create screens needed for data analysis

Alarm history and historical trend graph screens can be also easily created. Because log data can be saved in a CSV form, the data can be smoothly analyzed on a PC.

Realistic 3D parts that look just like the real thing

Production equipment measurements and temperatures are intuitively displayed.
easy to create 02

Add movement with animation feature to make parts even more realistic

GP-Pro EX has an animation feature that draws graphics and lets you move, rotate, or change the color of images. This makes it possible to quickly design screens with rich expression that move and change.
GP4000E add%20movement

Customize the security function for each user

Configure access and authority parameters per part by requiring a certified ID or password for parts that are controlled by different security levels.
easy to create 04

Multi Language

Use Excel to create multi-country text tables to allow the HMI operator to easily switch between display languages.
easy to create 05


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