D5B-1511 Công tắc chạm chính xác Omron


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Công tắc chạm chính xác Omron

Detects Objects in Multiple Directions with High Sensitivity, Ideal for Robotics

Type M5 M8 M10
Actuator Cable length (m) Model Model
Hemispheric actuator

d5b lineup1 1
1 D5B-5011 D5B-8011 D5B-1011
3 D5B-5013 D5B-8013 D5B-1013
5 D5B-5015 D5B-8015 D5B-1015
Cone-shaped actuator

d5b lineup1 2
1 D5B-5021 D5B-8021 D5B-1021
3 D5B-5023 D5B-8023 D5B-1023
5 D5B-5025 D5B-8025 D5B-1025
Wobble stick actuator

d5b lineup1 3
Short spring 1 D5B-5511 D5B-8511 D5B-1511
3 D5B-5513 D5B-8513 D5B-1513
5 D5B-5515 D5B-8515 D5B-1515
Long spring 1 D5B-1531
3 D5B-1533
5 D5B-1535


Electrical ratings 1 mA at 5 VDC to 30 mA at 30 VDC (resistive load)


Degree of protection IP67
Durability *1 Mechanical 10,000,000 operations min.
Electrical 5,000,000 operations min. (at 30 mA 30 VDC resistive load)
Operating speed 5 to 500 mm/s
Mechanical 120 operations/min.
Electrical 60 operations/min.
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ min. at 250 VDC between each terminal and non-current-carrying metal parts
Contact resistance With 1 m cable:700 mΩ max. (initial value)
With 3 m cable:1.9 Ω max. (initial value)
With 5 m cable:3.1 Ω max. (initial value)
(50/60 Hz
1 min)
Between terminals of
same polarity
250 VAC (at TTP)
Between each terminal
and non-current-
carrying metal parts
1,000 VAC (600 VAC for M5 model)
Malfunction 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5-mm double amplitude *2
Mechanical 1,000 m/s2 max.
Malfunction 300 m/s2 max. *3
Ambient operating temperature -10°C to +70°C (with no icing)
Ambient operating humidity 35% to 95% RH
Actuator strength 14.7 N *4
Weight Switch M5: Approx. 14 g, M8: Approx. 20 g, M10: Approx. 21 g
Cable Approx. 10 g/m
Note: The above figures are initial values.
*1. Durability values are calculated at an operating temperature of +5°C to +35°C, and an operating humidity of 40% to
Contact your OMRON sales representative for more detailed information on other operating environments.
*2. 16.7 Hz, 1-mm double amplitude for wobble stick models.
*3. 50 m/s2 max. for wobble stick models.
*4. Excluding the wobble stick models.


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