Đế giữ điện cực chịu lực BF-3 Omron


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Đế giữ điện cực chịu lực Omron

Applications When sturdy mounting is required

Electrode Holders

Application Model
Liquid with low specific resistance For 1-pole electrode BF-1
When sturdy mounting is required For 3-pole electrode BF-3
For 3-pole electrode (2-wire) BF-3R
For 5-pole electrode BF-5
For 5-pole electrode (2-wire) BF-5R
Applications where resistance to high-temperature, high-pressure is required
For 1-pole electrodes, 250°C, 1.96 Mpa
High-pressure application where resistance
to corrosion is required
For 1-pole electrode, SUS304 981 kPa BS-1T SUS304
For 1-pole electrode, SUS316 981 kPa BS-1T SUS316
For 1-pole electrode, Titanium 981 kPa BS-1T TITANIUM
For 1-pole electrode, HAS B 981 kPa BS-1T HAS B
For 1-pole electrode, HAS C 981 kPa BS-1T HAS C

Accessories (Order Separately)

Application Model
Protective Cover (For PS-[]S and BF-3/-5) F03-11
Protective Cover (For BS-1, BS-1S and BS-1T) F03-19
M18 Nut (For BS-1) F03-17
M18 Nut (For BS-1T) F03-18
Note: Refer to Installing an Electrode Holder on a Tank under Level Controller Installation in the Technical Guide for
Level Controllers for information on Level Controller installation.
Refer to PS-[]S(R) Electrode Holder Accessories (Order Separately) for dimensions.


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