RJ71DN91 mô đun DeviceNet® Master/Slave MELSEC iQ-R

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Ngày: 29/06/2019

Tình trạng : Còn Hàng

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RJ71DN91 mô đun DeviceNet® Master/Slave MELSEC iQ-R

DeviceNet® Master/Slave Module

DeviceNet® is a multi-drop network that connects programmable controllers and I/O devices, and is based on CAN (Controller Area Network) for its data link layer.

Connection to DeviceNet® compatible devices

The module can be implemented into DeviceNet® compatible devices as a DeviceNet®network and operate as either a master or slave station. Automatic configuration functionality enables the master station to detect slave stations on the network, thereby automatically creating the parameters.


DeviceNet® master/slave module specifications

Item RJ71DN91
Operation mode Master, slave, master/slave combined
Settable station number 0…63
Transmission speed (bps) 125k, 250k, 500k
Master functions
Node type DeviceNet® master (Group2 only client)
Max. number of message connections 63
Max. message communication data size (byte) 240 (each for transmit/receive)
I/O connection type Polling, bit-strobe, change-of-state (COS), cyclic
Max. I/O communication data size (byte) 512 (each for transmit/receive, max. 256 per station)
Slave functions
Node type DeviceNet® slave (Group2 server)
I/O connection type Polling
Max. I/O communication data size (byte) 128 (each for transmit/receive)