R60DAV8 mô đun 8AO MELSEC iQ-R

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Ngày: 29/06/2019

Tình trạng : Còn Hàng

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Mô đun 8AO MELSEC iQ-R

Analog output module specifications

Number of analog output points (ch)488816
Ambient temperature 25±5℃±0.1%±0.1%±0.1%±0.1%±0.1%
Ambient temperature 0…55℃±0.3%±0.3%±0.3%
Temperature coefficient±50 ppm/℃±50 ppm/℃
Conversion speed (ch)80 µs80 µs80 µs1 ms1 ms
Channel isolationTransformer isolationTransformer isolation
Output short-circuit protection
External supply power (V DC)242424
SIL 2-compliant*1
Voltage output
Digital input value-32000…32000-32000…32000-32000…32000-32000…32000
Analog output voltage (V DC)-10…10-10…10-12…12-12…12
Current output
Digital input value0…320000…320000…320000…32000
Analog output current (mA DC)0…200…200…200…20
External interface*2
18-point screw terminal block
40-pin connector● (2x)


High-speed analog output module specifications

Number of channels4
Ambient temperature 25 ±5°C±0.1%
Ambient temperature 0…55°C±0.3%
Output specifications
Operation modeHigh-speed output mode (conversion speed: 1 µs/CH)
Normal output mode (conversion speed: 10 µs/CH)
Wave output mode (conversion speed: 20 µs/CH)
Voltage output
Digital input value-32000…32000
Analog output voltage (V DC)-10…10
Current output
Digital input value0…32000
Analog output current (mA DC)0…20
External interface*2
18-point screw terminal block


SIL2 analog control output module specifications

Number of output points16
Rated load voltage (V DC)24
Max. load current (A/point)0.5
Response time (ms)≤ 1.5
Control cycle time (ms)2
Common terminal arrangement (points/common)16
External interface*2
18-point screw terminal block
*1: When used together with a SIL 2 redundant control system (SIL 2 is supported in the module firmware version of “02” or later).
*2: For applicable options, please refer to the relevant product manual.