QJ71GF11-T2 CC-Link IE Field Network module

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Ngày: 27/06/2019

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CC-Link IE Field Network module

Connect to remote I/O stations and other programmable controllers for high-speed distributed control with advanced functionality

●CC-Link IE Field Network moduleQJ71GF11-T2

  • Tremendous speed and bandwidth using commercially available cables and connectors.
    The network design (topology) is highly flexible to fit any layout.
  • Operates as either a master or local station. Perfect for managing remote I/O control and distributed control.
  • Devices from other stations can be accessed easily via transient communication using dedicated instructions.
  • Function blocks for transient communication are available to further simplify messaging.
  • The network can ensure 32-bit data integrity using the station-based block data assurance function. This forces pairs of word data to get updated together during link refresh.
  • The QJ71GF11-T2 CC-Link IE Field Network module can function as a slave or master station.

CC-Link IE

Line topology

This method of connecting stations has two endpoints where stations are directly connected to each other and no hubs are necessary.

Star topology

Star networks are formed by connecting all stations to a hub.

Ring topology

Ring networks have no end points and continue to function even if a connection becomes broken.

■ Performance Specifications

Max. link points per networkRX16K points (16384 points, 2 KB)
RY116K points (16384 points, 2 KB)
RWr8K points (8192 points, 16 KB)
RWw8K points (8192 points, 16 KB)
Max. link points per stationRX2K points (2048 points, 256 B)
RY2K points (2048 points, 256 B)
RWr1K points (1024 points, 2 KB)
RWw1K points (1024 points, 2 KB)
Communication speed1 Gbps
Number of stations per network121 (1 master plus 120 slave stations)
Connection cableEthernet cable (Category 5e or higher, double shielded/STP)
Maximum overall cable distanceLine topology12 km (with 1 master and 120 slaves connected)
Star topologyDepends on the system configuration.*1
Ring topology12.1 km (with 1 master and 120 slaves connected)
Max. station-to-station distance100 m
Max. number of networks239
Network topologyLine, star, line and star mixed, or ring*2

*1: Up to 20 hubs can be connected per network.

*2: Ring networks may not be mixed with line or star networks. QJ71GF11-T2 network modules whose first five serial number digits are 12072 or later are required for ring networks. Additionally, GX Works2 version 1.34 L or later is required.

Easy diagnosis functions

  • In certain situations such as power loss, a station could be prevented from communicating.
    In a line network this can cause perfectly healthy stations can become separated from the network. In a ring network, only the faulty station is separated, thus increasing the system reliability.

Easy diagnosis functions

Visual display of network connection status

The network diagnostic tools in GX Works2*3 allow problems to be identified rapidly. In addition to a visual overview of the network and several other tools, detailed monitoring of CPUs and modules from any station, to any station is possible.

*3: Not supported by GX Developer.