H5CX-AD-N bộ định thời số Omron

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Ngày: 17/06/2019

Tình trạng : Còn Hàng

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Timer, DIN 48×48 mm, IP66, 4 preset & 4 actual time digits, multi range 0.01 s to 9999 h (10 ranges), multifunction, NPN/PNP/No voltage input selectable, SPDT 5 A relay output, 12-24 VDC/24 VAC supply, includes color change display function

The most complete digital standard timer on the market

H5CX offers you the most complete series of products on the market today. Based on extensive customer research, these new timers have been designed with added-value features that users both need and appreciate.

  • H 48 x W 48 x D 59 to 78mm
  • Three-colour display value, red, green or orange
  • Models with Instantaneous Contact Outputs
  • 0.001 s to 9999 h, 10 ranges
  • Input NPN, PNP and contact

Sealed timers

The front of the H5CX is NEMA4X (IP66 equivalent) so it is sealed against the ingress dust and water. This means that they can be used in many applications that other timers can not. Easily adjustable through the front keys or for more security the keys can be disabled to prevent malicious or accidental tampering. Simple settings can be made either via dip switches or a simple to follow menu structure to suite the installer.

Harsh environment

Control products can be subjected to harsh environments where they can be splashed during the process or covered in dust or get warm through their location. The E5CN, E5CSV, H7CX, H5CX and K3HB all feature a NEMA4X (IP66 equivalent) front panels so are suitable for the use in these applications, also the low profile fascia means that they are less prominent in the front of the panel and so less likely to become dirty.


Installation typeOn-panel
Size1/16 DIN (48 x 48 mm)
Output typeRelay
Contact descriptionSPDT
Time range0.001 s – 9999 h
Supply voltage AC24-24 V
Supply voltage DC12-24 V
InputsGate (NPN/PNP), Reset (NPN/PNP), Signal (NPN/PNP)