E3Z-LR81-M1J 0.3M Cảm biến quang laser Omron

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Ngày: 28/04/2020

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E3Z-LR81-M1J 0.3M

Photoelectric sensor, retro-reflective laser, 15 m, M12 pigtail, PNP

LASER sensor in compact plastic housing

The E3Z LASER sensor in compact plastic housing features visible LASER light for precision positioning and detection applications.

  • Visible LASER light for precision positioning and small object detection
  • High power LED for long range precision
  • Class 1 LASER
  • Precise background suppression and low black/white error for accurate detection

One mounting


e3z laser accuracy prod

Low black/white error for precise detection

Precise positioning

e3z laser prec pos prod

Visible laser light for precision positioning

Class 1 Laser

e3z laser class1 laser prod


Sensing methodRetro-reflective
Sensing distance15000 mm
Sensing distance (min.)300 mm
Setting methodManual adjustment
Connection methodM12 Pre-wired connector
Cable length0.3 m
Output typePNP
Operation modeDark-ON, Light-ON
Response time1 ms
Material housingPBT
Thread sizeOther
Width10.8 mm
Height31 mm
Depth20 mm
Type of lightLaser diode, red light
Laser class1
Spot size5 mm
Power supply voltage12-24 V


E39-EL4Accessory photoelectric sensor, mounting bracket, 3D mounting
E39-L104Mounting bracket for E3Z sensor, standard, vertical mounting
E39-L142Mounting Bracket, protective side wall (for E3Z)
E39-L144Sensor mounting Bracket, Protective bracket for E3Z pre-wired
E39-L150Sensor mounting Bracket for E3Z, 100mm high post
E39-L151Sensor mounting Bracket, for E3Z, 200mm high post
E39-L43Mounting bracket for E3Z sensor, side mounting
E39-L44Mounting bracket for E3Z sensor, rear mounting
E39-L93FHMounting bracket for E3Z, 3D telescope mounting
E39-L93FVBracket for E3Z sensor
E39-L93XY2 positioning rods and horizontal mounting bracket for E3Z, E3S-A, E3S-R1, E39-R1, E39-R3
E39-L96Optional reflector bracket for photoelectric sensor
E39-R1SAccessory photosensor, reflector, 40x60x7.5 mm, ABS & Acryllic
E39-RS1Reflective tape, self adhesive, 35 x 10 mm
E39-RS2Accessory photelectric sensor, reflective tape, 40 x 35 x 0.6, self adhesive
E39-RS25 5MAccessory photoelectric sensor, reflective tape, 25 mm x 5 m
E39-RS3Reflective tape, self-adhesive, 70x80mm
E39-RS50 5MAccessory photoelectric sensor, reflective tape, 50 mm x 5 m