E3RB-RP21 Cảm biến quang Omron M18

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Ngày: 04/05/2020

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Photoelectric sensor, M18 radial, metal body, red LED, retro-reflective, 0.1-4m, PNP, L-ON/D-ON selectable, M12 connector

High performance photoelectric sensor in compact M18 housing

E3FA/E3FB series represents a new generation of Omron photoelectric sensors with large varieties of reliable and easy-to use photoelectric sensors. Featuring many standard and special functions this line is addressing many kinds of industries such as packaging, ceramics and material handling.

  • Large variety of standard and special types
  • High power and visible red LED enabling easy alignment and long sensing distance
  • Compact and robust housing for easy integration into machines

Compact size and shape

e3favse3f2-sensor prod

Compact size and shape. Can be installed almost anywhere.

Visible LED light for easy alignment

e3fa high-power-led-02 prod

All models feature bright LED light for easy alignment and long sensing distance.

Background suppression

e3fa ceramic-03 prod

Background suppression types for the stable detection of different objects with various colours.

High housing protection

e3fa-waterprotection-02 prod

Tight IP67/IP69K housing construction for high-level water protection.


ShapeCylindrical radial
Sensing methodRetro-reflective
Sensing distance3000 mm
Sensing distance (min.)100 mm
Setting methodManual adjustment
Connection methodConnector M12
Output typePNP
Operation modeDark-ON, Light-ON
Response time0.5 ms
Material housingBrass, nickel plated
Thread sizeM18
Length61 mm
Type of lightPolarized red light
Power supply voltage10-30 V


E39-L183M18 L-type mounting bracket, stainless steel (SUS304)
E39-R1SAccessory photosensor, reflector, 40x60x7.5 mm, ABS & Acryllic
E39-R40Accessory photosensor, reflector, 84.5×84.5×8.7 mm, ABS&Acryllic
E39-R7Sensor reflector, round, 84mm dia
E39-RS1Reflective tape, self adhesive, 35 x 10 mm
E39-RS2Accessory photelectric sensor, reflective tape, 40 x 35 x 0.6, self adhesive
E39-RS25 5MAccessory photoelectric sensor, reflective tape, 25 mm x 5 m
E39-RS3Reflective tape, self-adhesive, 70x80mm
E39-RS50 5MAccessory photoelectric sensor, reflective tape, 50 mm x 5 m