E3JK-DR12 2M Cảm biến quang Omron

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Ngày: 21/06/2016

Tình trạng : Còn Hàng

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E3JK-DR12 2M

Photoelectric sensor, square body, red LED, diffuse, 300mm, AC/DC, relay, L-ON/D-ON selectable, 2m cable

All voltage photoelectric sensor with long sensing distance

The new generation of square sized E3JK family provides significantly enhanced sensing performance and ease of operation. The family features 24 to 240 VAC power models as well as models with PNP/NPN transistor output.

  • High power and visible red LED for all models enabling easy alignment and long sensing distance
  • Bright indicator LEDs that are visible even at a large distance
  • Best price-value ratio
  • Available models with red LED and infrared LED

Multi-voltage power supply

Multi-voltage power-supply fits for building installations like industrial doors, elevators or car parks.

e3jk multi-voltage power supplies prod

Long sensing distance

Red high-power LED in all models for easy alignment and long sensing distance.

e3jk long distance wide prod


Shape Cuboid
Sensing method Diffuse reflective
Sensing distance 300 mm
Setting method Manual adjustment
Connection method Cable
Cable length 2 m
Output type Relay
Operation mode Dark-ON, Light-ON
Response time 20 ms
Material housing ABS
Thread size Other
Width 18 mm
Height 52 mm
Depth 50 mm
Type of light Polarity free red light
Power supply voltage 24-240 V


E39-L40 Accessory photosensor E3JK, mounting bracket