E3FB-DP12 Omron Cảm biến quang M18

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Ngày: 17/06/2019

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E3FB-DP12 Omron Cảm biến quang M18

Sensors (E3FB/E3RB Metal housing)

Red light

Sensor type Sensing
(Red light)
NPN output PNP output
Through-beam *1.

20 m pre-wired set E3FB-TN11 2M
Emitter E3FB-TN11-L 2M
Receiver E3FB-TN11-D 2M
set E3FB-TP11 2M
Emitter E3FB-TP11-L 2M
Receiver E3FB-TP11-D 2M
M12 connector set E3FB-TN21
Emitter E3FB-TN21-L
Receiver E3FB-TN21-D
set E3FB-TP21
Emitter E3FB-TP21-L
Receiver E3FB-TP21-D
with MSR
function *2.

0.1 to 4 m
with E39-R1S
pre-wired E3FB-RN11 2M E3FB-RP11 2M
M12 connector E3FB-RN21 E3FB-RP21
Coaxial Retro-
with MSR
function *2.

0 to 500 mm
with E39-R1S
pre-wired E3FB-RN12 2M E3FB-RP12 2M
M12 connector E3FB-RN22 E3FB-RP22

100 mm pre-wired E3FB-DN11 2M E3FB-DP11 2M
M12 connector E3FB-DN21 E3FB-DP21
300 mm pre-wired E3FB-DN12 2M E3FB-DP12 2M
M12 connector E3FB-DN22 E3FB-DP22
1 m pre-wired E3FB-DN13 2M E3FB-DP13 2M
M12 connector E3FB-DN23 E3FB-DP23

100 mm pre-wired E3FB-LN11 2M E3FB-LP11 2M
M12 connector E3FB-LN21 E3FB-LP21
200 mm pre-wired E3FB-LN12 2M E3FB-LP12 2M
M12 connector E3FB-LN22 E3FB-LP22
Limited distance

10 to 50 mm pre-wired E3FB-VN11 2M E3FB-VP11 2M
M12 connector E3FB-VN21 E3FB-VP21
Transparent detected
with P-opaquing
function *2.

100 to 500 mm
with E39-RP1
pre-wired E3FB-BN11 2M E3FB-BP11 2M
M12 connector E3FB-BN21 E3FB-BP21
Transparent detected
with P-opaquing
function *2.

0.1 to 2 m
with E39-RP1
pre-wired E3FB-BN12 2M E3FB-BP12 2M
M12 connector E3FB-BN22 E3FB-BP22
Through-beam *1.

15 m pre-wired set E3RB-TN11 2M
Emitter E3RB-TN11-L 2M
Receiver E3RB-TN11-D 2M
set E3RB-TP11 2M
Emitter E3RB-TP11-L 2M
Receiver E3RB-TP11-D 2M
M12 connector set E3RB-TN21
Emitter E3RB-TN21-L
Receiver E3RB-TN21-D
set E3RB-TP21
Emitter E3RB-TP21-L
Receiver E3RB-TP21-D
with MSR
function *2.

0.1 to 3 m
with E39-R1S
pre-wired E3RB-RN11 2M E3RB-RP11 2M
M12 connector E3RB-RN21 E3RB-RP21

100 mm pre-wired E3RB-DN11 2M E3RB-DP11 2M
M12 connector E3RB-DN21 E3RB-DP21
300 mm pre-wired E3RB-DN12 2M E3RB-DP12 2M
M12 connector E3RB-DN22 E3RB-DP22
700 mm pre-wired E3RB-DN13 2M E3RB-DP13 2M
M12 connector E3RB-DN23 E3RB-DP23

*1. The set type includes the emitter and receiver.
*2. The Reflector is sold separately. Select the Reflector model most suited to the application.

Omron’s compact E3FA series of photoelectric sensors is simple and quick to mount, as well as easy and intuitive to set-up. The large and robust adjuster makes life much easier for installers to adjust the sensor, as does the bright, high-power red LED, which is clearly visible for easy alignment, even over longer distances. Similarly, the sensor’s LED status indicator can be viewed from long distances and wide angles.

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Features 3

Compact size and shape. Can be installed almost anywhere.

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Features 4

Visible LED light for easy alignment.

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Features 5

Bright LED indicators for the easy operational status checking.

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Features 6

Flush mounting option for smooth installation.

One family for all

Typically installed in industrial plants ranging from food and beverage, textiles, ceramics and brick production, through to logistics, there’s always an E3FA model to fit your application.
This extensive photoelectric sensor series with high reliability and enhanced performance includes through-beam, retro-reflective and diffuse reflective types in straight and radial versions. Straight versions are also available with background-suppression, limited-reflective detection, and transparent object detection types for special applications.
All models are available in plastic and metal housing.

Application specific models

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Features 9

Limited-reflective types suitable for detecting transparant film to shiny, mirror film.

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Features 10

Transparent object detection types utilising Omron’s unique technology for detecting objects with birefringent (double refraction) properties.

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Features 11

Background suppression types for the stable detection of different objects with various colours.

Non-stop detection

Especially designed for machines that never stop, the rugged E3FA series offers completely reliable sensing in a robust and waterproof housing that can withstand even high-pressure cleaning. Exceeding market standards, this series also has high EMC protection and light immunity. In addition, there is the added benefit of the high-power LED, which contributes to high sensing stability even in environments with dust or vibrations.

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Features 13

High power LED to compensate for dirt and misalignment.

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Features 14

Pulse synchronisation for high ambient light immunity.

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Features 15

Intensive shielding for high electromagnetic noise immunity.

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Features 16

Tight housing construction for high-level water protection.