D4NL-1DFA-BS Omron Công Tắc An Toàn

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Ngày: 08/06/2019

Tình trạng : Còn Hàng

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Safety door-lock switch, mechanical lock, 24 VDC, 2NC + 2NC, PG13.5 entry, Front key release

Guard-locking door switch in plastic housing

The D4NL guard-lock safety door switches are available with four or five built-in contacts. When locked, they have a key holding force of up to 1300N. Mechanical lock/solenoid release types and vice versa set up the complete range in combination with various conduit types, e.g. M20.

  • Safety door switch with electromagnetic lock or unlock mechanism
  • Models with four or five built-in contacts
  • Strong key holding force: 1300N
  • For standard loads and micro loads
  • Keys are compatible with D4GL and D4NS


Door switch type Key-operated
Material head Plastic
Ambient temperature (operating) -10-55 °C
Connection method Terminal block
Cable length 0 m
Direction of operation Adjustable
Holding force 1300 N
Door contacts NC 2
Door contacts NO 0
Lock monitor contacts NC 2
Lock monitor contacts NO 0
Lock type Mechanical
Release type Solenoid
Lock/Release key type Standard key
Lock/Release key position Front
Solenoid voltage 24
With LED indicator
Degree of protection (IP) IP67
Conduit size PG13.5
Number of conduits 2
Switch action Slow action
Shape Cuboid
Overall length 95 mm
Height of sensor 35.5 mm
Width sensor 88.5 mm