D4BS-4AFS Công tắc an toàn Omron

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Ngày: 08/06/2019

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D4BS-4AFS Công tắc an toàn Omron

The Special Operation Key Activates a Direct Opening Mechanism to Open the Contacts and Shut Off Control Circuits when Protective Doors Are Opened on Machine Tools or Other Equipment

Switches (Operation Keys are sold separately.)

Consult with your OMRON representative when ordering any models that are not listed in this table.

Type Mounting direction Conduit outlet 1NC/1NO (Slow-action) 2NC (Slow-action)
1-conduit type Front-side mounting 374_lu_1_1 Pg13.5 D4BS-15FS D4BS-1AFS
G1/2 D4BS-25FS D4BS-2AFS

Operation Keys

Type Model
Horizontal mounting 374_lu_2_1 D4BS-K1
Vertical mounting 374_lu_2_2 D4BS-K2
Adjustable mounting (Horizontal) 374_lu_2_3 D4BS-K3

Standards and EC Directives

Conforms to the following EC Directives:

・Machinery Directive
・EN ISO 14119
・EN 60204-1

Certified Standards

Certification body Standard File No.
TÜV Rheinland EN60947-5-1
(certified direct opening)
Consult your OMRON
representative for details.
UL UL508 E76675
CSA CSA C22.2 No. 14 LR45746
CQC (CCC) GB/T 14048.5 Consult your OMRON
representative for details.

Certified Standard Ratings

TÜV (EN60947-5-1), CCC (GB/T 14048.5)

Utilization category AC-15
Rated operating current (Ie) 0.75 A
Rated operating voltage (Ue) 240 V

Note: Use a 10 A fuse type a gI or gG that conforms to IEC60269 as a short-circuit protection device.

UL/CSA (UL508, CSA C22.2 No. 14) (A600)

Rated voltage Carry current Current (A) Volt-amperes (VA)
Make Break Make Break
120 VAC
240 VAC
480 VAC
600 VAC
10 A 60
7,200 720


Interlock type Type 2 (EN ISO 14119)
Coding level Low level coded (EN ISO 14119)
Degree of protection *1 IP67 (EN60947-5-1)
Durability *2 Mechanical 1,000,000 operations min.
Electrical 500,000 operations min. (10 A resistive load at 250 VAC)
Operating speed 0.1 m/s to 0.5 m/s
Operating frequency 30 operations/minute max.
Direct opening force *3 19.61 N min. (EN60947-5-1)
Direct opening travel *3 20 mm min. (EN60947-5-1)
Contact resistance 25 mΩ max.
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 600 V (EN60947-5-1)
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Protection against electric shock Class I (with ground terminal)
Pollution degree (operating environment) 3 (EN60947-5-1)
Impulse withstand
voltage (Uimp)
Between terminals of same polarity 4 kV
Between terminals of different
Between each terminal and ground
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC) between terminals of same or different
polarity, between each terminal and ground, and between each
terminal and non-current-carrying metal part
Contact gap 2 × 2 mm min.
Vibration resistance Malfunction 10 to 55 Hz, 0.65 mm single amplitude
Shock resistance Destruction 1,000 m/s2 min. (IEC68-2-27)
Malfunction 300 m/s2 min. (IEC68-2-27)
Conditional short-circuit current 100 A (EN60947-5-1)
Conventional enclosed thermal current (Ithe) 20 A (EN60947-5-1)
Ambient operating temperature -40 to 80°C (with no icing)
Ambient operating humidity 95% max.
Weight Approx. 285 g (D4BS-15FS)