CP1E-N30S1DT-D PLC loại Compact Omron CP1E

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Ngày: 04/06/2019

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PLC, 24 VDC supply, 18 x 24 VDC inputs, 12 x NPN outputs 0.3 A, 8K steps program + 8K words data memory, RS-232C and RS-485 (half-duplex) port

The economic machine controller

Our CP1E series offers all functionality you need to control relatively simple applications, including outstanding positioning capability.

  • Lineup including CPU Units with built-in three ports: USB, RS-232C, RS-485.
  • The depth of CPU Units with RS-232C connectors is reduced by 20 mm. (N30/40/60S(1))
  • Easy connection with computers using commercially available USB cables.
  • With E30/40/60(S), N30/40/60(S@) or NA20 CPU Units, Add I/O, Analog I/O or Temperature Inputs by Connecting


Supply voltage typeDC
Number of digital inputs18
Input typePNP/NPN
Number of digital outputs12
Output typeNPN
Program capacity8 K steps
Data memory capacity8 K words
Logic execution time1.19 µs
Communication port(s)Serial RS-232C, Serial RS-485, USB
Number of Ethernet ports0
Number of USB ports1
Number of RS-232 ports1
Number of RS-485 ports1
Communication option(s)CompoBus/S Slave, Serial RS-232C, Serial RS-422, Serial RS-485
Max. encoder input frequency100 kHz
Max. number of PTP axes2
Max. pulse output frequency100 kHz
Function Block programming
Battery-free memory backup
Real-time clock
Analog option boards
Max. number of analog I/O channels24
Max. number of local I/O points150
Max. number of expansion units3
Built-in auxiliary 24 VDC output0 mA
Operating temperature range0-55 °C
Height90 mm
Width130 mm
Depth79 mm
Product Weight (unpacked)600 g


CP1W-BAT01Battery for the CP1 PLC
CP1W-CN221USB Programming cable, A-type male to B-type male, 1.8 m
CP1W-CN811I/O expansion cable for CP1-series, 80 cm
CP1W-SWB06Input simulation switch board
CXONE-LT01-EV4CX-One Lite v4.x software, for Windows 2000/XP/Vista, single-user licence only, (requires CDs, CXOne-LTCD-EV4), limited to program the CPx PLC platform