Công tắc áp suất khí nén MP41 hãng Mindman

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Ngày: 09/04/2020

Tình trạng : Còn Hàng

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Hysteresis adjustable. High accuracy and Resolution. Low cost. Pressure unit selectable:MPa, kgf/cm2, bar, psi.
Rated pressure range0.000 ~ 1.000 kPa
Operating / Setting pressure range-0.100 ~ 1.000 kPa
MediumAir, Non-corrosive gases, incombustible gases
Proof pressure1.5 MPa
Power supply voltage12 to 24V DC ±10%, Ripple (P-P) 10%
Response timeChattering-proof function: 0.05s, 0.25s, 0.5s, 1s ,2s and 3s selections
Switch outputNPN open collector, PNP open collector
Current consumption≦40mA (With no load)
Output short circuit protectionYes
Ambient temp. rangeOperation: 0 ~ 50℃, storage:-10 ~ 60℃ ( No condensation or freezing)
Ambient humidity rangeOperation/Storage: 35 ~ 85% RH ( No condensation)
Withstand voltage1000V AC in 1-min. (between case and lead wire)
VibrationTotal amplitude 1.5mm or 10G,10Hz-150Hz-10Hz scan for 1 minute, two hours each direction of X,Y and Z
Shock100m/s2(10G),3 times each in direction of X,Y and Z
Temperature characteristic≦±2% F.S. of detected pressure (25℃) at temp. Range of 0~50℃
Lead wireOil-resistance cable(0.15mm2)
WeightApprox 65 g (with 2-meter lead wire), Approx 30g (with male connector )