CJ2H-CPU65 CPU PLC loại ghép mô đun Omron CJ2

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Ngày: 19/04/2020

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CPU, 100K steps program, 32K words data memory, 32K words x 4 banks EM, 2560 I/O max, RS-232C serial port, USB programming port, 3 expansion racks max.

CJ2 PLC: High performances modular controller

Due to his high flexibility in configuration CJ2 is the ideal solution to be used in a wide range of machines in various application ranges from Packaging, Food and commodities to Digital and Automotive. Connectivity with most of the industrial communication networks in the market is a key factor to use CJ2 controller in all applications that need a data exchange between machines. Scalability between CJ2M and CJ2H CPU’s enables an exact match between functions required and HW to use to always provide a perfect ratio Price/Performance in each application. Robustness of the solution and proven quality complete the value of those products.

  • Always accessible through standard USB support
  • Standard Ethernet port with EtherNet/IP Data Link function
  • High program capacity from 5K steps up to 400K steps
  • Higher precision for machine operation and processing quality
  • Immediate refreshing of basic I/O ensures real-time processing
  • High data memory capacity of up to 832K words
  • Serial option board
  • Dedicated function block memory ensures efficient execution of function block software modules


Program capacity100 K steps
Data memory capacity160 K words
Logic execution time0.016 µs
Max. number of expansion units40
Max. number of local I/O points2560
Number of built-in digital I/Os0
Communication port(s)Serial RS-232C, USB
Height90 mm
Width49 mm
Depth74.5 mm
Product Weight (unpacked)190 g


CJ1W-CIF11RS-485 adaptor, 2 or 4 wire, connects directly to RS-232C 9-pin port for serial PLC link, screw terminals on RS-485 side
CJ1W-IC101Expansion I/O control unit, connects to right hand side of CPU
CJ1W-II101Expansion I/O interface unit, connects to left hand side of expansion I/O rack, up to 3 expansion racks
CJ1W-PA202Power supply unit, 100-240 VAC, output capacity: 14 W
CJ1W-PA205RPower supply unit, 100-240 VAC, output capacity: 25 W, with RUN output
CJ1W-PD022Power supply unit, 24 VDC, output capacity: 19.6 W
CJ1W-PD025Power supply unit, 24 VDC, output capacity: 25 W
CP1W-CN221USB Programming cable, A-type male to B-type male, 1.8 m
CS1W-CIF31Cable, PC USB to RS-232C converter cable, for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, drivers included on CD-ROM, an Omron programming cable is also required
CS1W-CN223I/O expansion rack connecting cable for NJ/CJ/CS-series, 2 m
CS1W-CN713I/O expansion rack connecting cable for NJ/CJ/CS-series, 70 cm
CXONE-AL01-EV4Single-user licence for CX-One V4.x software, for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8 (32 and 64 bit), (requires CDs or DVD, CXOne-CD-EV4, or CXOne-DVD-EV4)
HMC-EF183Flash memory card, 128MB
HMC-EF283Flash memory card, 256MB
HMC-EF583Flash memory card, 512MB
XM2S-0911-S0039-pin D-type connector (male) with connector hood with M2.6 x0.45mm pitch retaining screws
XW2Z-200S-VCable, RS-232C, for programming PLC or HMI 9-pin port from PC 9-pin port, 2 m
XW2Z-200TCable, RS-232C, for connecting NT HMI 9-pin port to PLC 9-pin port, 2 m

Spare parts

CJ1W-BAT01Battery for CJ1M PLCs
CJ1W-TER01End plate for CJ1 CPU rack or expansion rack. Only required as spare part.